Sheikhcoin - The fairest way to a steady economy in the middle east.

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What is SheikhCoin?

We want to put $SHEIKH on the map
and tell the coins story to the world as
much as possible, in order to make it
reach its full potential where it was built
for. We want to be the fastest upcoming
coin within the first two months.

In the fourth quarter we want to start finding ways to use sheikh as an official payment method and make it so big that it will be possible to use sheikh to buy oil and other things used
in everyday life.

  • Bep-20 Blockchain
  • Professional Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Tokens and Smart Contracts
  • Middle East Payment System
  • Secure and Transparant

Protecting Investors' Interests

While we are helping the middle east to get stability in their economy, we care about our early investors who help us getting $SHEIKH on the map. SheikhCoin is a community driven project, so investors have full control over their investments.

SheikhCoin embraces new investors 24/7, therefor we think 24/7 support is a must. thats why we are creating a multi language support system with volunteers that are willing to help new SheikhCoin holders.

Our Goal

We seek full adoption in the Middle East

The ultimate goal of $SHEIKH is to get adopted in the middle east to stop the goverments for creating a crazy inflation.

Fiat currency is not backed by any valuable thing like gold any longer. Therefor goverments can keep printing money while creating a crazy inflation. We want to stop this by making SheikhCoin a counterpart of oil.

How to Buy Our Tokens

  1. Download the app Trustwallet on the app or playstore.
  2. Buy BNB on an exchange and transfer it to Trustwallet.
  3. Swap your BNB for BNB smart chain.
  4. Enter trust://browser_enable in your internet browser and hit enter.
  5. Go back to Trustwallet and open the browser within Truswallet.
  6. Search for Pancakeswap under popular.
  7. Link your Trustwallet to Pancakeswap.
  8. In the to section you need to change the coin, search on the contract address you can find on the website.
  9. Fill the amount of BNB in you wish to swap.
  10. Click on swap.